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Oct 27, 2023

How Offtakers Look at PPA Offers

Offtakers don't care about the offer price of a PPA. They care about the value of the PPA relative to its price.

They want to know if they can buy renewables below their market value.

And then they want to know how much money they can make on a given transaction.

This is why RenewaFi built a model to calculate the value of every proposed PPA on our site.

At the end of Q3, Solar was almost $11 more valuable at Houston hub than at South hub!

  • At Houston hub, the median solar offer was worth $52.31
  • At West hub, the median solar offer was worth $45.59
  • At North hub, the median solar offer was worth $45.40
  • At South hub, the median solar offer was worth $41.59

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