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for environmentally conscious companies

Buy Renewable Energy Directly from Clean Power Plants

RenewaFi is a renewable energy marketplace that helps you decarbonize your company.

“Our mission is to rapidly decarbonize the world's electrical grids by helping every business invest in renewable energy.”
Noam Yaffe
Founder & CEO
“RenewaFi's technology is a breakthrough for the renewable sector. The technology is designed intelligently, gives users extreme flexibility, saves a ton of time, and is priced affordably.”
Dave Perez
Head of Power Origination and Business Development, Energy Transfer
“RenewaFi is the only solution that truly allows buyers to quickly determine high quality deals without wasting a lot of time on deals that will not materialize. The solution is simple, safe, and transparent.”
Moritz Bernhoerster
Former Global Director of Renewable Energy Procurement, Anheuser Busch InBev
“RenewaFi’s network is already helping energy players source and evaluate potential transactions, and we believe the company’s technology will ultimately prove indispensable to the energy market.”
Hayley Barna
Partner, First Round Capital
“RenewaFi is meeting market demand for a streamlined solution that will enable renewable energy to be procured at the speed we need to rapidly decarbonize.”
Marie Thompson
Principal, Powerhouse Ventures
Step by Step

How it works

In just four simple steps, companies can now buy or sell renewable energy on a screen.

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Input energy needs
Spend about 15 minutes (we've timed it) submitting information about the wholesale renewable energy you're looking to buy or sell.


Automated auction
Our patent-pending technology will run a competitive auction designed specifically for renewable energy based on your inputs.


Compare proposals
Filter, rank and favorite proposals, as well as conduct due diligence and sensitivity analysis. We’ll also use our proprietary algorithms and data to recommend the best deals for you.


Complete deal
With the click of a button, download a custom contract to serve as the foundation for your new PPA.

Key Benefits
PPAs made easy‍
We make renewable energy contracting faster, more affordable, and less risky.
Accelerate deal timelines
Launch a robust auction or respond to one in minutes, not months
Avoid unnecessary fees
Replace expensive deal fees and complex payment structures for flat, fair rates at a fraction of the price
Mitigate execution risk
We automatically flag higher risk and non-compliant proposals and filter them to ‘junk’ to avoid costly missteps
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Procure renewable energy

Buying renewable energy is a major financial decision. To make that decision well, you need the very best options and all the relevant data. Our technology will source deals that both advance your sustainability goals and deliver returns independent of equity or fixed income benchmarks.


Secure offtake

Securing offtake shouldn’t be so hard. We know because we’ve done it. Our technology sources bids that fit your specific needs, so you can get your project off the ground as soon as possible.

We're Hiring

Build tech to power the energy transition

We’re on a mission to facilitate more than a $1 trillion of renewable energy transactions. If you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you.



We've put together a list of some of the most common questions related to renewable energy finance and the market for PPAs.

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RenewaFi LLC (“RenewaFi”) offers a renewable energy marketplace. Users are cautioned that the RenewaFi marketplace is not a “swap execution facility” or registered as such with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Unlike an exchange or a swap execution facility, the RenewaFi marketplace is not designed for RenewaFi market participants to place orders for standardized and tradable financially settled contracts, or to execute such contracts on the RenewaFi marketplace. The RenewaFi marketplace is a tool primarily used to help RenewaFi market participants source and interpret information. Further, users and other RenewaFi market participants will not be permitted to initiate auctions, nor should they submit proposals, to enter into a renewable energy transaction, unless the transaction is intended to be physically settled. Auctions for financially settled renewable energy transactions cannot and should not be conducted on the RenewaFi marketplace.

For further information about financially settled transactions in renewable energy commodities, please contact for consulting services with RenewaFi. RenewaFi is a New York-based, CFTC-registered Commodity Trading Advisor (Swap Firm), as well as a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Information provided on this website is not to be considered advice, and the use of this website does not establish a customer relationship with RenewaFi. Commodity trading can be complex and involves substantial risk of loss. The use of RenewaFi software or services does not guarantee performance. RenewaFi does not provide legal services or advice. Renewable energy participants should hire and retain professional legal counsel prior to using RenewaFi software and evaluating or executing any commodity transactions.