"RenewaFi provides an efficient and effective means to gather market intelligence and transact with other eager counterparties."

Justin Kotwicki

Origination & Power Marketing, Qcells USA

Our Investors

Our investors include founders and early supporters of leading growth companies like Uber, Square, and Oscar Health.

Price Tracker

Price Offtake Agreements

See how buyers and sellers price more than 850 PPAs across ERCOT every day.

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“Whether you're power marketing or assessing potential PPA prices for greenfield development and M&A opportunities, RenewaFi helps you make better decisions by providing a clear view of what to expect from the market.”

Woo Han
Development and M&A, Concurrent Energy

Source Offtake Agreements

Engage anonymously with hundreds of renewable energy professionals to find your next counterparty.

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David Perez
Head of Origination, Energy Transfer

“RenewaFi's marketplace is a breakthrough for the renewable sector. It is designed intelligently, gives users extreme flexibility, saves a ton of time, and is priced affordably.”

Our mission is to help companies price and source renewable energy.

Developers & IPPs

Many of your potential counterparties have sophisticated pricing models that give them an advantage. To level the playing field, RenewaFi gives you access to what they see. With RenewaFi, you can prove the value of key PPA terms so you can confidently stand behind - and even enhance - your PPA pricing.

Wholesale Firms & Utilities

Before RenewaFi, there was no way to prove to your internal and external stakeholders that your deals are in market. RenewaFi provides that proof through neutral, reputable, third-party data.

Corporates & Industrials

The most experienced energy marketers update their view on PPA pricing every day. RenewaFi gives you that ability. With RenewaFi, you no longer need to wonder if you are overpaying for renewable energy.

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