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March 23, 2023

RenewaFi Joins the Gulf Coast Power Association

RenewaFi, the wholesale renewable energy marketplace, today announced that it has joined the Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA) as a corporate member.  

Noam Yaffe, Founder & CEO, said: “Joining GCPA provides us an additional opportunity to partner with power originators to make their jobs easier using technology. We are especially excited to attend GCPA’s Spring Conference in May in Houston, where we will be exhibiting our marketplace.”

GCPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and sustaining a healthy competitive power market. Founded in 1983, GCPA represents a broad spectrum of segments within the electric power industry, including over100 corporate and 200 individual members. The association provides a forum for these members to discuss the evolving electric market in Texas and the Gulf Coast region.

About RenewaFi

RenewaFi is the marketplace for wholesale renewable energy in ERCOT. Built for originators by originators, RenewaFi helps sophisticated market participants source and price their offtake agreements. Originators on RenewaFi can browse, post, and counter indicative bids and offers – all anonymously. And when originators agree on terms, they can match to reveal their identities. RenewaFi increases speed to market, facilitates price discovery, and expedites counterparty matching. Ultimately, the company’s mission is to help renewable energy professionals decarbonize America’s electric grids.